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Bibra Lake Speedway 
Bibra Lakes' sporting past - a sport with an association with Bibra Lake for 40 years and now consigned to the history books but not forgotten.  From 1963 to 2004, Bibra Lake played host to this fantastic sport before development moved it on.

 1996 - Junior Sedan Racing At Bibra Lake Speedway Photo by Jason Sutton

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Bibra Lake Speedway History 

The Perth tq Car Club was formed in 1956.  The club initially ran around the houses events (road racing) at Halls Head Mandurah, this led to more meetings being held in many country towns such as Beverley, Burracoppin, Kellerberrin, Katanning, Kojonup, Narrogin, Northam, Merredin and Wagin.

It was in 1958 that the club took over the running of a track that was originally built in 1953 by the WA Speedcar Club and  set up its first purpose built dirt speedway track in Manning opposite the Clontarf boys home. 

Speedway Planning - 1967

In 1963 the club purchased land near Jandakot airport.  The Bibra Lake Speedway opened in Hope Road, Jandakot on October 6, 1963.  The location was chosen as it was considered an appropriate location to cater for noise without creating an issue.  A track was built but this area was prone to continued flooding due to major developments at the airport, large drainage systems etc. Despite the track being built up, water finally took over and in 1967 the site was flooded beyond repair. The Perth tq Car Club was forced to shut down the track that they owned and move there racing events to the Wattle Grove venue.

1969 - Gary Ellement Holden 179 Jack Triplett Super Modifieds

During this period up until 1969 a new site was bought and construction began on the new Bibra Lake Speedway, As luck would have, the now useless piece of land that was the previous speedway that everyone thought the club was stuck with became a target for the government to buy back, so a price was negotiated and the land was on sold.

By 1969 the new venue was completed, The club finished racing at Wattle Grove and the gates were opened., this being the venue that the club operated from June of 1969 up until 2004 when the track was closed to make way for mining and airport development with only a months notice.  Billed as the end of another era, The Perth tq Car Club held their last race meeting at the Bibra Lake Circuit on Saturday the 20th of March 2004.

2002                                Bibra Lake Speedway location                           2013


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