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Bibra Lake Ice Arena

Perth's Largest and Newest Ice Rink! And it's in Bibra Lake !
Why not try our new local business ?  Go and visit the new facility on Progress Drive!

There's always something cool happening at Cockburn Ice Arena!

Whether it's coming down to the rink for a public session, taking up ice hockey, enrolling in a Learn to Skate class, booking a birthday party, or bringing your school down for an excursion, the rink has something for everybody.

The pro shop also stocks Perth's largest range of ice hockey, inline. and figure skating gear at fiercely competitive prices.

Located south of Perth on Progress Drive, Bibra Lake, Cockburn Ice Arena is Perth's largest and newest ice sports venue, boasting the state's only full Olympic sized ice rink.

Get your skates on and check it out for yourself! 

There's also a great Cafe on site with a restaurant coming soon.

Check out the website here 

Bibra Lake Skatepark Revamp

Thanks to the forward thinking of four motivated young boys from Bibra Lake Primary School the Bibra Lake Skatepark Revamp group was launched. The group is committed to lobbying, promoting and creating awareness of the current state of our local facility and to work with our local council , in particular Clr Philip Eva, to obtain the necessary funding to revitalise and bring this facility up to an outstanding standard.  

The Bibra Lake Skate Park on Bibra Drive (Opposite the school) is looking quite tired and low tech.  It is in need of an overhaul and what a great opportunity for the City of Cockburn to invest in the Bibra Lake community.

Time has taken it's toll on the equipment and just like many other suburbs in Cockburn, which have been provided with an upgrade, it would serve our community greatly.  As a community recreation area it will :
  • Provide a safe place to play
  • Engage with kids in a constructive way
  • Allow more involvement through low cost of participation
  • Be safer than skating on the local streets
  • Provide a healthy sport and pastime.
Skateboarding, BMX and Scooter Riding are some of the fastest growing activities in Australia.  Here in Bibra Lake the skate park is one of the most used community equipment and one of the few activities for young people.  This area is always being used by people of all ages and forms a great focus for young people.

If you would love to see an upgrade of the facility, and surrounding space, that will cater for all skill levels and encourages families to come and make use of the area, then please sign the petition that is available at :

  • Bibra Lake Primary School reception
  • Cockburn Central post office
  • Bibra Lake IGA 
A group has been formed to pursue the securing of funding and buy in by the City of Cockburn.  They have engaged with local students and have petitions located at :

They have a Facebook page here with more information and there is an online survey to gauge peoples support and requirements.  The survey can be found here

Alternatively, text ‘SURVEY’ to 0418 930 894 if you would like to receive these links directly to your mobile.

Dog walking - care for others
There has been a recent incident involving unleashed dogs in Bibra Lake. Just a reminder that unless it is a designated dog exercise area, all dogs should be on a leash AND under control in all public areas. On this occasion the unleashed dog attacked another dog being walked on a leash. Maybe next time it might be someones daughter or grandchild.
Please consider others when exercising your dogs. Leashes and poop bags are essentials.
If anyone has any information on the incident on 14th July please let us know, further witnesses are needed.
While on this subject, should the Council provide more designated dog exercise areas for dog owners ?  Let us know your thoughts here

The designated dog exercises are located :

Eastern side of Bibra Lake : 

Western side of Bibra Lake :

Perth Freight Link Update
Petition Locations Against the Roe Highway
The petition is now located and available for signing at :
  • Bibra Lake IGA, Parkway Road, Bibra Lake
  • Perth Waldorf School, 14 Gwilliam Drive, Bibra Lake
  • Lakeside Retirement Village, Bibra Drive
  • Office of Melissa Parke MP, 62 Wray Avenue, Fremantle
  • Bibra Lake Primary School (reception)
  • Lakes Designer Meats at Lakes Shopping Centre
  • Office of Peter Tinley MLA. Suite 1A, 273 South St, Hilton
  • Office of Fran Logan MLA. Unit 5, 813 Beeliar Drive, Success ( Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre)
  • Guild Office, Murdoch University
  • Good Life gym, North Lake Road, Bibra Lake
Maggies Kitchen (Playground Car Park), Progress Drive, Bibra Lake
More locations coming soon !! 
City of Cockburn Update

Council Meeting 12th March:

The Council Meeting passed the proposal to prepare the Lakes Revitalisation Strategy.  This is the first stage in the development of the proposal to move the development of North Lake, Bibra Lake and South Lake forwards.

Due to the smaller size of both North Lake and Bibra Lake, and the close relationship to South Lake, it is considered appropriate that the City embark on a unified revitalisation strategy for all three suburbs, to be named The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy.

The Revitalisation Strategy will guide the form of future development of North Lake, Bibra Lake and South Lake, with a key aim to provide opportunities to enhance the qualities of these existing neighbourhoods. 

The Strategy will be developed through a comprehensive contextual analysis of the suburb, stakeholder and community consultation, and the identification of an effective infill development program, including: 
• Identification of areas where infill development is desired so as to provide opportunities for further housing growth, meeting the needs of existing and future residents. 
• Ensure adequate services and infrastructure including promoting pedestrian orientated streetscapes and appropriate levels of car parking. 
• Preserve the natural environment and identify opportunities to enhance the character of these suburbs. 
• Identification of possible community facilities and infrastructure required to support additional population growth and provide further support to existing communities.   

One of the key features of importance to Bibra Lake residents is the potential future rezoning of the suburb to allow the potential subdivision of many existing housing blocks.  This meeting won't immediately determine this but sets out the plan for the Strategy.

There will now be a period of community consultation to formulate the final development strategy.  This will incorporate a comprehensive stakeholder
and community engagement process, including a landowner survey,
community visioning forums, and a formal advertising stage.

More details can be found here

New Playground For Bibra Lake

Bibra Lake Adventure Playground :

The City of Cockburn has announced plans for the development of a $3.1m Adventure Playground near the existing facilities on Progress Drive.  The works are due to commence mid 2015 and completed by mid 2016.

As part of the works an additional car park will be constructed further North than the exisiting facilities and upgrades undertaken on the two existing car parks.  Once complete the existing Cockburn Cruiser climbing / play area will be removed.

Further details can be found at the City of Cockburn website here
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