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We have a most beautiful area with terrific scenery.  Below are local photographers who really like to show off our Bibra Lake and/or are based in Bibra Lake

We don't intend to give reviews on the businesses themselves, we just want to highlight the photographers who like to highlight Bibra Lake and work in the area.  

In Bibra Lake
Firefly Photography

Terry Osborne's business is Firefly Photography.  Firefly Photography have a Facebook page which shows some of their finest work.  Check it out here 

Firefly Photography have several websites which are dedicated to their main work area which is kids photography and portraits.  Terry is fully 'working with children' checked, his notice number is 1245722.  Check out his website at

Terry can be contacted by email on [email protected] 

Terry's landscape and scenic work is his labour of love.  But looking at these samples we believe that his work is terrific and deserves to be highlighted. 

Is your favourite not listed ?

If you know of something missing from the list or is out of date then drop us a line and we can make sure the directory can be updated.  Maybe your business isn't listed ?  Just give us a kick and you'll get listed.  

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